The United States Guantanamo Bay detainment camps, in Cuba contains a dozen or more detainees who were previously Taliban prisoners.

According to the Associated Press Commander Jeffrey Gordon, a Department of Defense spokesman defended the men's continued detention[1]:

“Multiple reviews and designations have been conducted since each unlawful enemy combatant was captured, to include during initial detention overseas to lengthy procedures at Guantanamo,”

Ilkham Turdbyavich Batayev
  • Used as a kitchen slave by the Taliban.[2]
Adil Uqla Hassan Al Nusayri [citation needed]
Abd Al Rahim Abdul Rassak Janko [citation needed]
Jamal Udeen Al-Harith
  • Paid a driver to take him from Pakistan to Iran, without realizing that his driver would take near the Afghanistan border, where the Taliban seized him as an American spy, based on his British passport.[3]
  • Went directly from custody in a Taliban jail to US custody.
Siddeeq Ahmad Siddeeq Noor Turkistani
  • Turkistani was imprisoned by the Taliban for four and a half years, because he was alleged to have been involved in a plot to kill al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. Turkistani admits being opposed to the Taliban, Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, but he denies that he was involved in any plots.[4]
Airat Vakhitov
Abdul Hakim Bukhary
Qari Hasan Ulla Peerzai
Arkan Mohammad Ghafil Al Karim [citation needed]
Rashid Awad Rashid Al Uwaydah [citation needed]
Amin Ullah [citation needed]
Abdul Matin [citation needed]
Hamidullah [citation needed]