Amanullah is a citizen of Afghanistan who was held in extrajudicial detention in the United States Bagram detention facility, in Afghanistan.[1][2]


According to Amanullah he was captured during a late-night raid of his home in early 2004.[1][2]

  • Amanullah acknowledges fighting foreign invaders of his country, during the struggle against Afghanistan's Soviet occupiers.
  • Amanullah states he was captured due to a denunciation with false allegations.
  • Amanullah states he spent almost a year in solitary confinement.
  • Amanullah reports he was then transferred to a cell containing over a dozen other captives who were prohibited from looking at one another or speaking with one another.

Radio Free Europe quoted Amanullah:

"I want the responsible Afghan authorities to ask the United States why they detained me for so long, And they should tell me what my crime was. Otherwise, those [Afghans] who have turned me in should be held accountable. I haven't committed any crime. I have only waged jihad [against Soviet forces] for the freedom of Afghanistan. One of the enemies of jihad were the communists. There also may have been others making false allegations against me because of personal animosities."


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